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African tea Melbourne

Taste exotic beverage flavours from Africa with our range of unique, tasty and herbal African teas. They also confer real health benefits.

Amazing health benefits of African tea that you cannot miss!

If you need a cool and refreshing drink that is low in calories, caffeine-free, high in minerals, and good for your health, then African tea may be a great option for you. Apart from its earthy and naturally-sweet flavour, this type of tea has many healthy benefits. It is rich with antioxidants that can help curb premature ageing and reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases. It is also fully loaded with minerals such as calcium, manganese and potassium which support your healthy bone structure. Another great benefit is that it is packed with substances such as zinc and hydroxy acids which help you achieve a beautiful and clear skin.

MHLANGA ENTERPRISES PTY LTD is the pioneer and premier supplier of delicious, soothing and healthy African tea is the region of Melbourne.