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maize meal New South Wales

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Health and culinary benefits of maize meals are so well-known by most African communities that maize meal has been a staple food for many years. This food product made by grinding dried corn kernels into varieties such as corn flour, medium ground maize and yellow or white coarse ground maize which is also called polenta. Polenta is popularly used for various snacks, meals and desserts. Maize can be cooked as Slap Pap – a type of soft porridge, Ugali – maize flour dough that can be eaten with meat or vegetables, Puthu Pap - dry and crumbly dish that is eaten with chakalaka (South African vegetable relish) and Braai (BBQ).

MHLANGA ENTERPRISES PTY LTD provides the finest ingredients and food products from South Africa. They offer a unique experience of different, but very tasty food in New South Wales.