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tanganda tea Queensland

It is said that six out of every ten cups of tea drunk in Britain every day are brewed from a blend containing leaves from Tanganda’s estates.

One cup of Tanganda tea a day and you will be asking for more!

Do you know that the first Tanganda tea plants grew out of a handful of seeds that were smuggled from Assam in India? In 1942, Mrs Florence Phillips, a tea-planter's wife secretly brought some few seeds and planted them in Chipinge, Zimbabwe. It was from then that this tea was born and became quite popular for its unique taste and flavour. This tea has a full flavour and brews to a colourful liquor. Today, it is one of the most best-selling brands of tea from Africa. A naturally soothing tea, it relaxes the mind while keeping you alert since it contains a moderate amount of caffeine.

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